Slow mornings

Slow mornings

I write this as I sit on my yoga mat, sweaty and energized and thankful. I haven't written here for quite a while. My mornings have been hectic lately, as my son has started face to face sessions in school (he marvelled, during his first day of school weeks ago: "I finally get to play with my friends in 3D!"). Lately I have been setting my alarm on for 5am, and then 5:15..5:30 and 5:45. It was so hard the first few times but now I think I am getting better at it, shifting the way I feel about it too. I usually stop all alarms by 5:15 by now, go downstairs, put on some music (the Woman on Top soundtrack is always a favorite), make coffee and cook breakfast for Rocco. Then I wake him up (the toughest part, and I am brought back to memories of how hard it was to wake up for school as a kid), feed him, get him dressed. Then I drive him to his school shuttle stop. My alone time driving back is always my favorite. There is a favorite street I drive to: it is lined with huge trees that overarch into each other, the pavement always lined with shadows. This morning the sun shone through parts of them and an old favorite played on my stereo: Cynthia Alexander's Intertwyne (and the rest of her magnificent Rippingyarns album soon enough). It immediately set the mood I am still going through. Isn't it amazing when this one thing, a song, a breeze, whathaveyou, can just totally change the mood of the day? 

When I got home I set most of my plants by window for some sunlight, made myself some ceremonial cacao (and added some rose elixir--beautiful for the heart chakra), and sat on the floor with Bowie my cat and the plants. I am happy. I was awhile ago and I continue to be happy right now where I've since moved to do some yoga. It is only 9:44am.

Thank you universe for slow mornings like today. Perhaps I will paint or make pottery. I just wanted to share how great I feel today.


I hope you have a great morning too! 


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