The Quiet Mystic Oracle Deck

The Quiet Mystic Oracle Deck

They are finally here. A deck of 40 cards I drew, painted especially for you and the sage advice you seek. I teamed up with my good friend Chinggay Labrador (of Practical Magic--if you haven't had a tarot reading done by her, you must! She is amazing. The most grounded readings you will get).

The deck is called the Quiet Mystic. Our inner magic (or most of the magic in the world, anyway) is a subtle energy, quietly pulsating, never demanding of our attention. It is always there if you want to experience it though.

I am very excited to share these cards with you. I hope they give you sage advice at the best possible moments in your life. I hope they become trustworthy friends to you. And I hope they teach you how to trust in your intuition, in yourself ever more.



They are available here. <3


If you want a Quiet Mystic box though, head over here! Limited stocks only.

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