Let's try something new.

Let's try something new.

Tattooing is a craft I stumbled onto and fell in love with ten years ago. I love the process of eternalizing artwork on someone else's skin. I love the continuous learning this craft requires. I love meeting my clients and hearing their stories. I love that I am now friends with a lot of my clients. I love that it has helped me be a better artist. I love that it has made me be a better person; it has helped me see humanity through many perspectives.

I love tattooing, and I try my best not to get burned out from it. So here's what we're doing. I'm trying something new. I will now release a couple of designs I am so eager to tattoo every couple of months and release it via my newsletter. First dibs on the designs are honoured.  I'll try to switch up the themes of the tattoos per release. I will only tattoo based on these from hereon. If we have previously booked schedules in the following months, they will remain booked for you, for sure.

My intentions for this is to be even more inspired to tattoo--these images I will release provoke something in me, and for you too, I hope. I make better tattoos when I am inspired, and better rested. I intend to create more original tattoos for you too, infused with reiki, and perhaps a tarot reading session should you want one.

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I really like your designs!

Angelika Jimeno

Hi!! Would love one of your art creations as a cover up for my ex-love ink. Hehe. Hope to hear from you soon! Thank you!

Kristin Yap

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